Ligers, Zorses, and Pizzlies: Combining Effort and Enjoyment to Make Work Fun

Concurrent Session 4

Brief Abstract

We always talk about how to prepare faculty to teach online but rarely do we talk about how we celebrate faculty and students making the work environment more enjoyable. This session will focus on the fun in celebrating eLearning and it's success. The audience will be asked to share their celebrations and ideas, too!

Extended Abstract

We spend so much time getting people to take online learning seriously that sometimes we forget the importance of making what we do fun while also creating awareness about our accomplishments. During this presentation, I will discuss how our campus created a culture of enjoying work, including our twice-annual conferences, a robust National Distance Learning Week event schedule, and student-focused events and opportunities. During these events we also created ways to recognize eLearning faculty and students, signifying the impact and importance of online education. Not only do we encourage faculty to create a sense of belonging in online courses, we model the practices as well. In this session you will learn ways to be productive, creative, and fun!