Student Support in Action: The A-Team

Concurrent Session 3
Equity and Inclusion

Brief Abstract

To remove the barriers of educational inequality and increase inclusivity, come and discover a hidden jewel to student success. Be ready to bring your A-Team. 


I have 30 years of experience in healthcare administration, reimbursement, and education, as a College Instructor, Program Director, Practice Administrator, Billing Manager, Manager Patient Representatives, Project Manager and Consultant within hospitals, clinics, and large medical practices. Currently I have a BA in Business Management and 3 certifications from the AAPC: the Certified Professional Coder (CPC), and the Certified Professional Biller (CPB) and the Certified Risk Adjustment Coder (CRC). As a former Vice President with the AAPC, Daytona Beach Chapter, I am actively involved in coding and billing. For the last 11 years I have enjoyed being an instructor to medical billing, coding and health information technology students and I continues to be actively involved in course development and improvement. As a Previous Digital Faculty Consultant for McGraw Hill, I consulted with other instructors and was involved with focus groups regarding the benefit and use of the digital world to help in education. I have also been a contributor and/or subject matter expert for numerous McGraw Hill Texts, including Medical Assisting: Administrative and Clinical Procedures with Anatomy & Physiology, Kathryn Booth, Leesa, Whicker and Terri Wyman, 6e; Medical Coding Certification Exam Preparation, A Comprehensive guide by Cynthia L. Stewart and Cynthia L. Ward; I was on the Board of Advisors for Let’s Code It, by Safian/Johnson, and a member of the Medical Terminology Advisory Panel with Pearson Publications. Students are the best part of my job and I continue to find better methods to improve the quality of education that I provide to students.

Extended Abstract


In the world of online learning, silos of education are rising as students face equity barriers and lack of inclusivity as some feel alone when traveling this new terrain. The purpose of this presentation is to educate others on how tutors (Academic Consultants) can be utilized to create inclusive and equitable learning.  This Academic Consultant Team (ACT) has created a new version of tutors that go beyond homework help but instead focus on mindset, purpose, and inclusive principles. By removing barriers of inequality, equity is built for vulnerable students who would not otherwise be able to attend online classes. By attending this session, participants will participate in a choose-your-own-adventure case study as they role-play a technology struggle with a new student. Then compare and contrast pathways taken by participants and the ACT team. People who attend this presentation will obtain unique strategies for supporting and retaining online healthcare students that they can use in their own universities. They will also learn how to more effectively integrate tutors into the online student experience.


  1. Identify what factors lead to student success and retention in online learning.

  2. Review examples of effective support approaches for online students.

  3. Recognize the importance of tutors to faculty and student success in online learning.



Participants will engage with the panel multiple times by using methods such as Poll everywhere, role playing, word cloud and other possible methods. 

  • Introduction

  • Background/Overview

  • Purpose of Presentation

    • Implict Bias engagement- used to demonstrate DEI principles

  • ACT Team introduced

    • What makes them different from traditional tutors

  • ACT Team deployed

    • Workshops

    • Clinics

    • 1:1 and group sessions

    • Targeted outreach for at-risk students

  • Role-Play Case study

    • Limited technology literacy

  • Lessons learned with Template

    • Motivated students, increase graduation, increase engagement, increase support communities

  • Conclusion

    • QRcode for template

      • Take home for participants