Open the Door to Student Success in Online Learning

Concurrent Session 2

Brief Abstract

This interactive session focuses on the blueprints for online learning that have been utilized for more than ten years to foster student support and success with the districts throughout Pennsylvania.  Join me to get the keys to open the door to student success in online learning!

Extended Abstract

Today in the world of education teachers, students, and families have had some level of experience with online learning due to the pandemic.  Many schools constructed programs to meet the immediate need and are now looking to redesign these online programs to establish permanent options or online academies as a choice for students and families.  The question is how do schools establish a solid foundation to promote student success in something that was built quickly to meet the presented emergency?

The answer? Add a basic step and correlating supports for each student that focuses on the five keys to their online success.  The presenter will share with you the tools and general procedures to utilize to assist not only schools, but students and families to plan together for this achievable outcome. From orientations to monitoring progress, student success takes the entire crew to establish the ultimate goal.  Come join the presenter to learn how to build the foundation, put the supports in place, and get the keys to open the door to student success.

Level of Participation:

The presenter will ask participants to analyze online learning, identifying the strengths, weakness, and challenges of it based on their experience.  As a group we will explore the similarities and differences identified.  Attendees will then discover the fundamental keys that will lead participants to building a solid program that fosters student support and success. Together we will begin laying the foundation for future programming that will remedy some of the weaknesses and alleviate challenges they have previously experienced.

Session Goals:

Attendees will be able to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and challenges of their current process.  They will be able to describe the keys to student success and support, and will leave knowing the next steps to evolve online learning for their school.