A Recipe for Success. Blending Academics and Instructional Design to Create a Multi-Modality Full “Course” Meal!

Concurrent Session 4

Brief Abstract

At TCSPP, we have several campuses and three different delivery modalities, online, blended, and on-gorund. The challenge was to develop the same course for all campuses and modalities. This included modifying the syllabus and creating one Canvas course for all modalities. This presentation provides the recipe of how we did it!


Mark has been in higher education for over 25 years serving in roles from financial services and enrollment management to academic advising. He has been in the instructional design field for 10 years and has worked with several different LMS's. He currently serves as a Senior Instructional Designer for TCS Education System. Mark is responsible for the development of new online courses for several different programs. He also has taken on the responsibility of designing department resource centers for several different departments across the system. Mark earned his Master's of Education in Adult Education from Penn State University.

Extended Abstract

This presentation will exhibit innovative solutions to developing graduate level curriculum in a one course/three modality model, online, blended and on-ground.  We will review an actual course to illustrate the process. The online Course Lead is the “Master Chef” who leads faculty to integrating best practices in the Quality Matters rubric as well as a multi-media approach that traditional on ground faculty may not have been exposed to as much as faculty who operate within the online modality.  The process of creating a national course in different modalities starts with cross campus collaboration and curriculum decision making.  Once the learning outcomes and course map are completed, the Instructional Designer brings a unique and streamlined perspective to representing the curriculum in a one course format.  We will share examples of how to enhance collaboration across campuses so that participants can walk away with tools to assist them if facing this challenge.