Course Stories, a journey into sharing the successful qualities of online course design; how professional development is possible in a community culture.

Concurrent Session 7
Equity and Inclusion

Brief Abstract

This session will focus on stories of successful online course design; gamification, accessible design, universal design for learning, and technology enhanced instruction. Sharing strategies to promote success and including your voice in this journey to improve the ideation and application of inventive and exploratory designs for online courses. 

Extended Abstract

Great ideas abound in online education but how do you curate these stories of success around diverse subjects in online design? In this session, we will provide the cliff notes of design at our institution, sharing inventive ways faculty and designers have cultivated engaging online courses. Our stories range on a variety of strategies; from the relationships between instructional designers, media designers, and faculty, to accessibility, universal design, inclusivity in technology-enhanced learning, and a justice, equity, inclusion and diversity mindset, in addition to game-based learning, storytelling, and role-playing. With the enhancement of media production, these courses have a professional flair that we are excited to promote, in the hope that we provide inspiration at your own institution. But we aren’t the only ones doing awesome things! 

In this discovery session, we will solicit best practices from the attendees, capturing their stories in an effort to curate the best practices we as a community at OLC use to promote success across all populations of higher education; from students, to designers, to faculty. These tales of course design will improve outcomes from all. We want and need to hear your stories, and our media team will be present to capture this interactive experience and produce a take-home OLC Innovate podcast episode that we can all refer back to for ideas and elevation in the space of online design.

Come ready to learn about our approaches and to share your own in a 1 minute self-interview around the following three questions: 

  1. Who are you and what do you do?

  2. Tell us your course story!

  3. How can others replicate your experience in their own course?

As a collective effort, we will elevate the space of online course design and facilitation and create an even stronger OLC community at the conference and beyond. Join the fun and be part of OLC Innovate history!