What does Substantive Mean, Really?

Concurrent Session 2
Blended Equity and Inclusion

Brief Abstract

Recently, the expectations for "regular and substantive interaction" have been increased for online learning. What does that mean? What are the implications? What does that "look like" in a course? Let's talk about how we're interpreting this required element, how we are implementing this in our courses, and come up with some innovative ideas to bring back to our campuses!

Extended Abstract

We know that learners need regular and substantive interaction for active learning, but what does that look like in an online or blended course? How do we design for substantive interaction? What does substantive mean? 

With the increasing expectations for regular and substantive interaction increasing in online and blended courses, this is a perfect time for a conversation. Let's talk about the myriad ways that we can design and deliver the kinds of active experiences that learners need. We will begin the process of building a guide with annotations as a resource that will define what these terms mean in an accreditation sense, explain what the expectations are for this component and how this component fits into the whole of expectations for online learning, and collect ways that we can build authentic and accessible interactions. Let's learn from each other and build a resource for faculty and instructional designers.