Aligning Learning Activities and Outcomes

Streamed Session Blended Equity and Inclusion

Brief Abstract

Activities keep all learners engaged in the course, whether the activity is a group discussion, a lab, a discussion post, or a blog. As meaningful as many of the activities are, the activities do not prepare students for assessments if the activity, outcome, and assessment are not aligned. How do we know? Come to this session and let's talk about it. 

Extended Abstract

When discussions about alignment happen, they often center on the learning outcomes and the assessments, and rightfully so. The assessments are the fundamental time when learners must provide evidence of the knowledge and skills learned in the course. The assessments are what often determine the bulk of the final grade. But how do we know learners are ready for those assessments? We know by their performance on the smaller activities intentionally built into the course. 

This session shows how to be sure that a course's assessments, outcomes, and activities are aligned and how to brainstorm the right kind of activities in order for learners to submit the right kind of evidence. Once the activity and type of evidence has been determined, then the right tool comes into play, and resources on looking at web tools based on the evidnece needed will be reviewed as we discuss how to check alignment and revise, as needed.