Padlet Primer: Using Padlet Dashboards to Foster and Deepen Communication and Collaborations

Concurrent Session 4
Equity and Inclusion

Brief Abstract

Are you looking for a versatile, intuitive tool to expand connection, collaboration, and engagement? Padlet is a cloud-based platform that allows users to upload, create, and share all forms of content on virtual bulletin boards. Whether you are hosting a brainstorming session, presenting concepts, reflecting on the learning experience, co-creating content, or showcasing student work, Padlet can empower your practice.


Dr. Belkis Cabrera is a teacher, mentor, consultant, and professional development facilitator who has worked with over 100+ institutions and organizations on education reform and educational equity with 25+ years of experience in the classroom. Dr. Cabrera has a Bachelors in Education, Masters in English, and a Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Technology. Most recently, Dr. Cabrera served as Instructional Consultant for Florida International University's Center for the Advancement of Teaching where she redesigned 21 high-enrollment, low-pass courses through evidence-based, learner-centered, and culturally-responsive pedagogy -- leading to a 40% increase in passing rates across the redesigned courses. Currently, Dr. Cabrera is the Director of the WeLearn 366 Institute at Miami Dade College where she continues to work on high impact course redesign and collaborative, ongoing, data-informed, professional development models that enhance the teaching and learning experience for every student and faculty member.

Extended Abstract

While innovative educational tech tools hold the promise and possibility to engage and empower, they can also provide some significant drawbacks. Arguably the main challenge when implementing educational technologies is its learning curve. Although we crave technology that is flexible, extensive, and multi-functional, we also need to limit the student's (and the educator's) cognitive load when learning said tech tool.

One educational tool that is fun, flexible, and accessible, is Padlet. Padlet provides users with a variety of choices and possibilities. From co-creation to individual projects, from brainstorming sessions to reflection to showcase portfolios to group projects, Padlet is a go-to, versatile, and extremely easy to use tool for the entire teaching and learning process. In fact, it might just be the only tool you need!

This workshop will provide an overview of Padlet and review the seven options available for creating rich adn inviting teaching and learning spaces. We will also share specific ways to implement its multiple features in your particular discipline to enhance the learning experience across modalities and contexts.