Evening Event (An OLC Game Night): Hot Topics in Higher Ed Trivia Night

Streamed Session

Brief Abstract

This virtual trivia event is designed to engage and challenge participants' knowledge on various higher education topics. The event is intended for educators, students, and anyone interested in testing your knowledge about issues and recent events in higher education. The trivia questions will cover a range of topics, including student life, college affordability, technological advancements, policy changes, and more.

The event will be hosted virtually, and participants will be able to join from anywhere in the world. The event will be hosted live and will consist of several rounds, each featuring different categories and point values. Participants will be given a set amount of time to answer each question, and the host will provide feedback on the correct answer.

The event is designed to be engaging and interactive, providing an opportunity for participants to learn and engage in friendly competition with one another. The trivia questions are challenging, but also informative and thought-provoking, allowing participants to expand their knowledge of the issues that influence higher education.


Dr. Bryan Aylward is the Senior Director of Academic Operations for the University of Arizona Global Campus. Bryan’s division encompasses the Faculty Scheduling department for the university across 50+ start dates annually, the Contracts & Payroll Compliance department, as well as the Data and Academic Systems department for the university. Bryan has almost 14 years of experience in higher education operations across numerous departments including student services, registrar, curriculum operations, as well as academic operations. In addition to this experience, Bryan has been an associate faculty member for the Forbes School of Business and Technology since 2012 with focused instruction on leadership and management courses. Bryan is an advocate of high-quality education, with experience in the online, traditional classroom, as well as hybrid classroom formats (Online and Classroom), and is well versed in the challenges that exist for both students and faculty. Bryan received his Doctorate in Psychology with a focus on Business & Organizational Leadership from the University of the Rockies in 2017.
I am a bilingual learning experience designer, manager, and facilitator. I help organizations create sustainable, scalable, inclusive, and user-centered practices to leverage knowledge and learning. I have over a decade of experience designing, improving, and managing online programs, processes, and services. I specialize in training and development, instructional design, content creation, inclusive practices, and change-management processes. Advocate for accessibility, equity, and inclusion in online learning practices.

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