OLC Live! Dynamic Keynote Discussion (in Slack)

Streamed Session

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If you're attendigd the keynote, join us in Slack to engage in a dynamic discussion during the session, as we share insights, highlight key quotes or data, and collaboratively make ties to implications for what's next.

Join us for the dialogue in the OLC Innovate Slack space: https://join.slack.com/t/olcinnovate/shared_invite/zt-1qgeha4j7-mOguLWzfJ1p9XMfnpYOqOg


With over 15 years in higher education and online course development, I provide instructional design support to faculty in the development and improvement of online/hybrid/F2F courses to improve student success outcomes. My journey into issues of equity, inclusion, and diversity was kick-started several years ago and I began reading books and articles, attending programs and workshops, and getting involved with equity initiatives on my campus. My journey continues to push me to think about how systems impact my work as an instructional designer and those that encounter my designs. I love connecting around topics of design justice, co-design, ethics, and instructional design decision-making. When I'm not thinking about all of these engaging topics, you can find me with my family, either on the soccer field with my son or the funky art shops with my daughter. My husband and I love to hike and be outside and our two dogs, Mojo and Pepper, would agree that this is a good way to spend every day (if they could!). Food, books, and good (decaf) coffee all rank high on my 'ways to be more hygge' list, as well. Hope to connect with you around shared interests online or in conference spaces!

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