Kathy Snead, PhD

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Dr. Kathryn M. Snead (Kathy) serves as the President and Director of Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC), a consortium of national higher education associations and over 1900 institutional members. Prior to her appointment in SOC’s senior leadership position in March 2004, Dr. Snead has served SOC in a number of capacities since 1995.

Higher education and the military culture have been inseparable parts of Dr. Snead’s professional career for over twenty-five years. As the spouse of an Army careerist making frequent moves for military assignments, she has held administrative positions with the following colleges and universities: Armstrong Atlantic State University, Georgia Southern University, Leeward Community College, Syracuse University, and the University of Central Texas (now Texas A & M University-Central Texas).

Kathy earned a bachelor’s degree with double major in Psychology and Anthropology from Wake Forest University, received her master’s degree in Education with major in Counseling and College Student Personnel from the University of Georgia, and her doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Syracuse University.

Snead serves on the Secretary of Veterans Affair’s Advisory Committee on Education (2007-2013) for which she has been appointed Committee Chair for 2013. Dr. Snead also serves on the American Council on Education’s Commission for Lifelong Learning.

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