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Are you as excited as we are about the OLC Innovate 2016 Keynote Speaker? Angie McArthur, co-author of COLLABORATIVE INTELLIGENCE and speaker on intellectual diversity, recently answered a few questions related to her presentation. We think you’ll agree, you will want to hear her speak!

What does intellectual diversity mean to this ed-tech and blending learning audience?

How you think is as unique as your fingerprints. Intellectual diversity is recognizing not IF you (and your students) are smart, but HOW you are smart. We will explore how to recognize your own and others’ unique intelligence using two different lenses; each will provide a better understanding of how you think, learn, and communicate. Knowing this about yourself and others will increase rapport and learning and teaching effectiveness, and help you best leverage the ever-evolving platforms and environments.

OLC Innovate is about advancing innovation in education. How does innovation play in your world?

Most people talk about being open-minded or seeking to have “breakthroughs,” but we are not taught how to use our own minds to evoke this kind of breakthrough thinking, nor are we taught how to do it well with others. In this session I hope to help participants recognize ways to open their own minds to access their own best innovative and generative thinking, as well as create the necessary conditions to increase Collaborative Intelligence with others.

Why is your keynote address a must-attend? What will conference attendees takeaway?

We can each increase our effectiveness with others and create conditions to maximize learning and collaboration if:

  • We can move beyond seeing people as difficult by recognizing and utilizing our differences;
  • We understand our communication patterns and how we each “pay attention” in different ways;
  • We can recognize our own thinking preferences and widen our perspective to foster others’.

Intrigued? Learn more about Angie McArthur on our website, here.
Want to hear Angie in person? Register for OLC Innovate today!

Angie McArthur, co-founder and senior partner of Professional Thinking Partners. 


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