A Strategic Approach to Developing a Robust Online Program Portfolio

Many institutions approach online program development by identifying which programs are most in demand. However, this approach runs the risk of saturating the market with duplicate programs. Wiley Education Services uses a proprietary Strategic Portfolio Development™ (SPD) approach to identify the most scalable opportunities across diverse audiences and modalities, playing to each institution’s unique strengths and the needs of the market. SPD also creates efficiencies by cross-referencing courses, which also allows the creation of certificates and specializations without the need to build additional courses.

By implementing SPD, Utica College attracted a larger section of the market to their program offerings, maximized resources, quickly offered new programs that address market needs, and ultimately grew a more robust and lasting market presence with minimal impact on resources or additional investment. This session will provide an overview of SPD and highlight how implementation at Utica College empowered them to plan, develop, launch, and grow successful programs in the long-term.

Intended Outcomes:
– How to create an informed plan for portfolio development based on market data such as demand insights and employment outcomes
– What factors are important to consider when developing a portfolio
– How to find the most strategic and scalable anchor programs for long-term institutional success
– How to strategically develop cost and course efficiencies without added investment

Please note: This webinar will be recorded and all registered participants will receive a link to the recording after the webinar has concluded.

Speaker Bio
photo of David Capranos
David Capranos
Director of Market Strategy and Research at Wiley Education Services
In his role managing the market research team, David conducts extensive research to identify demand, market opportunities, and potential challenges to ultimately highlight academic programs that align with current demand. His team plays a vital role in determining the viability of educational programs in the online market, helping universities stay ahead of industry and market trends. David has a background as a business analyst in higher education marketing, evaluating marketing tactics and helping implement technologies such as a Student Relationship Management and Project Management system. Born in Toronto, Canada, David received his BS Business Admin from University of Central Florida and his MBA from the University of Scranton with recognition for Outstanding Achievement in Marketing.
photo of Dr. Polly Smith
Dr. Polly Smith
Associate Provost for Online Learning at Utica College

Polly Smith is the Associate Provost for Online Learning at Utica College in Utica, New York. Dr. Smith is a sociologist specializing in urban issues and complex organizations. She has more than 12 years of online teaching experience and continues to have an active research agenda that includes online practice and pedagogy. She has worked on a variety of regional and national projects using geographic information systems to study racial segregation and population trends.

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