The Blended Education Design Process

The Blended Education Design Process is a system designed to utilize the Blended Education Framework and to implement strategies for supporting flexible and customized learning opportunities at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO), and it unifies courses and programs in ways to enhance the “humanness” of distance learning experiences. This webinar will share the success stories of two course formats that were developed using the Blended Education Framework, and are successfully being used by UCO to deliver quality education to our students both on campus and at a distance.

Blended Education Courses are a systems-based design courses created using the Blended Education Framework at UCO as a way to combine the delivery formats of classroom, online, and interactive video courses. BE course are made up of a University approved online course which is offered at a consistent time every week on campus through Interactive Video Education. The BE courses use strategies in ways that enhance learners’ flexibility and “humanness” in the learning process. Humanness describes the authenticity that exists between people within distributed learning environments. BE courses are designed to promote this authenticity by providing the types of communication and interactions that are supportive of dialogue in learning processes.

Self-Paced Online Courses (SPOC) have become an emerging technology and evolutionary innovation at UCO, replacing paper-based correspondence courses. SPOCs are a component of Blended Education at UCO, and are an open enrollment online courses, which means the student can enroll any day of the year and complete the course at a flexible pace. SPOCs are a university approved online course that has been slightly modified so that an individual student can work through the course at their own rate, therefore the student receives the same high-quality learning experience as found in all UCO online courses and the flexibility and availability that matches their needs.

Speaker Bio

Dodd and Bogner

Bucky Dodd, Ph.D. is the Director of innovation and eLearning at the University of Central Oklahoma. He is responsible for the design and development of learning and performance solutions that represent innovative advancements in learning sciences and eLearning instructional design. His research focuses on innovation and decision-making in eLearning instructional design and the convergence of delivery methods in blended education systems.

Len Bogner, a professor in the Adult Education and Safety Science Department at the University of Central Oklahoma. He teaches non-traditional distance students in the Career, Technical, and Workforce Development program. His research focus is on Blended Education and how it can be used to create flexible and customizable learning environment for adult students.