Collaborative for Quality Assurance in Alternative Learning

A Strada Education Network grant funded initiative led by The Presidents’ Forum at Excelsior College and the Distance Education Accrediting Commission

Alternative providers offering college-level learning not tethered to any institution have found their inevitable place at the higher education table. The recognition of such alternative forms of learning can decrease cost and time to degree/credential completion. Yet partnerships between alternative providers and institutions require navigating a complex web of compliance and quality assurance measures, thus making such efforts difficult to scale. As the USDE EQUIP program extends student financial aid benefits to alternative providers, a national discussion about accepting alternative learning experiences and assessing quality in this emerging sector is paramount. Looking through multiple lenses – accreditation, institution, QAE and provider – this session will highlight the collaborative work being done by several key national organizations to address this critical need.

Speaker Bio

Moderator: Tina Goodyear, Chief Operating Officer, The Presidents’ Forum

• Leah Matthews, Executive Director, Distance Education Accrediting Commission
• Ed Klonoski, President, Charter Oak State College
Kara Gwaltney, Director, CREDIT® Operations, Center for Education Attainment and Innovation, American Council on Education