DELTA – Delivering Experiential Labs to All

The development of blended and online courses is a high priority in the Missouri S&T strategic plan. Typically, redesigns focus on the lecture, but students don’t come to a small town Missouri just to hear a redesigned lecture. They come to do their work. Experiential programs are what Missouri S&T is known for. So, instead of just redesigning lecture courses, they redesign lab courses as well.

The goal of Delivering Experiential Labs to All has built great momentum over the last year. DELTA Labs aren’t just designed to reach a broader audience, they’re designed to be pedagogically sound, just as it is expected from the lecture courses. The goal isn’t just to reach more students, but they also aim to examine the current labs and provide them in a way that will best serve the students.

Speaker Bio

Amy Skyles, Instructional Designer

Amy Skyles currently works for Missouri S&T as an Instructional Designer and is also an adjunct instructor for the Department of Biological Sciences at S&T. She holds a BS in Biological Sciences from Missouri S&T and a Master’s of Education from Drury University. She also has several hours of graduate credit in the Master’s of Public Health Program from the University of Illinois at Springfield. Amy also holds a certificate as an online educator through the University of Missouri Columbia. She had been in the field of education as a junior high school teacher, adjunct instructor for multiple institutions, and instructional designer since 2003.

She has a passion for learning and would consider herself a lifelong learner who is perpetually trying to discover new things and new ways of doing the things that she has already made a part of her life. Teaching and learning are both very enjoyable for Amy and she is greatly interested in transitioning blended and online course materials as a standard way of teaching instead of as a new or emerging type of instruction.

As the primary investigator for the Transforming Instructional Laboratories project, Amy has developed an expertise in laboratory redesign practices using best pedagogical methodologies. Amy is recognized as the “go-to” person on the S&T campus for learning about instructional design of laboratory courses, including DELTA Labs, which strive for the goal of Delivering Experiential Learning To All.