Human Element: Tools for Humanizing Your Online Course - FREE

How do you make sure to address not just the content of your teaching in an online course, but also your students? Students want to know their instructor. This challenges online faculty to integrate technologies, such as avatars, video, and social media, to introduce their digital personalities and enhance learners’ experiences. This is called “humanizing,” which, according to DuCharme-Hansen, Dupin-Bryant, 2005 “reduces the psychological distance between the students and the instructor.”As online learning initiatives continue to expand so does the need to leverage new learning technology to ensure students feel connected and engaged with the instructor and the course material. This webinar is part of a larger online professional development Micro-MOOC, Human Element: An Essential Online Course Component, being delivered via the Canvas Network. In this session, Reshan Richards will demonstrate and discuss a tool that can be used to add the human element to both the student and faculty online experience, Explain Everything, as well as his research on emerging educational technology.

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