Instructional Design Effective Practices for Successful Online Learning

The purpose of the webinar is to provide relevant tools, knowledge, and skills on Instructional Design effective practices for faculty and practitioners to apply to online and blended course design and development. This information, as aligned within the Community of Inquiry (CoI) Framework, can assist faculty, course designers, instructional designers, and other practitioners in increasing engagement, learning, and success in the classroom. The audience will learn specific and fundamental tools and effective practices from Instructional Design that can positively impact the creation and development of an online course, strengthen the effectiveness of instructional delivery, and increase the opportunities for deeper student engagement and success. Additionally, participants will examine how the information can be the piece missing from the transition from theory to practice and utilize the examples for filling the gap between the two realms. Further, the audience will be able to take a virtual swag bag of documents from the webinar for future use.

Speaker Bio