Scaling Culture and Quality From Within: Establishing Online Programs Through Strategic Insourcing

The process of standing up a fully-online enterprise within higher education is a complex process, one that many institutions consider a daunting endeavor to undertake without external support. Despite the challenges of insourcing and the draw of working with OPMs, several institutions have intentionally chosen to design, develop, and launch online programs solely as an internal effort. From strategic planning to course design to facilitation and assessment, leaders from several institutions who’ve invested in building internally will discuss their motivations, the tasks that they completed, and the support and investments required to design for both quality and velocity of growth. In this collegial town-hall style webinar, we will hear stories from The University of Central Florida, The University of Arizona, and other schools who have made the decision to build capacity from within. Whether you are at an institution seeking advice and perspectives on how to effectively insource online programs, or part of an organization that has successfully done so, we invite you to join us as we share effective practices and new approaches to establishing online programs through internal development.

Speaker Bio
Moderator: Angela Gunder
Director of Instructional Design and Curriculum Development, University of Arizona
Panelist: Dr. Vincent J. Del Casino Jr.
Vice President Academic Initiatives and Student Success, University of Arizona
Panelist: Dr. Jeffrey Jones
Vice Provost for UCF Connect, University of Central Florida
Panelist: Evie Cummings
Assistant Provost and Director, University of Florida