Explore the 7 C's of Blended Learning

Workshop Session 2

Brief Abstract

Explore the 7 C's of Blended Learning. The workshop will showcase how to implement creativity, collaboration, communication, curiosity, compassion into the blended learning classroom.


Marcia Kish has been working and implementing the Blended Learning model across the country and here in Ohio. She has also been working with Columbus City Schools and other suburban schools around central Ohio for the last couple of years. Marcia has presented workshops on Blended Learning at the OETC 2014, ISTE 14, College Campus Technology Conference 14, and Teaching and Learning iPad Conference in North Carolina. Marcia Kish has 16 years of teaching experience. Eleven of those years were working for Worthington City Schools as a classroom and technology teacher. Four years as a professional development coordinator and blended learning coach for DSD Professional Development and one year as a Director of a Blended Learning School here in Central Ohio. Marcia's workshops are all hands-on and differentiated for each type of learner. Her largest professional development workshop contained 75+ teachers. Each teacher walked away learning at their own pace, style, and was able to successfully implement the tools into the classroom setting. As a Blended Learning Coach, Marcia has been working with schools around the country with face to face professional development trainings, and then moving into onsite blended learning coaching, and finally bringing it all together with virtual training sessions.

Extended Abstract

Participants in this hands-on workshop will get a chance to learn how to take their blended learning classroom to the next level by implementing the 7 C's. The 7 C's include creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, courage, curiosity, and compassion. The workshop will be divided up into seven modules. The modules will be broken down into a collaboration round, teacher facilitated round, creativity round, and exploration round. Each module will give the educators a chance to explore online and offline resources. For example the creativity module, will look at how to use green screens, Swivls, and Camtasia to showcase a learning target for a high school classroom. The participants will have a chance to to collaborate in groups of similar skilled educators to talk about how they have used 20% time projects within their classrooms to promote the 7 C's. (Educators that have used 20% time will be onsite to help facilitate the conversations). The participants will have the ability to apply the 7 C's concepts into a blended learning unit. Finally, each educator will have personalized time with blended learning coaches to construct ways to use 7 C's to meet the needs of their own classroom environment. Join us as we take off for an adventure through the 7 C's in the blended learning classroom.
Session Objectives:

The hands-on workshop will start with a quick introduction using PearDeck. From the data collected from the introduction, the participants will break up into groups to start working on the first module of the 7 C's. The participants will work at their own, pace, place, and path in oder to successfully implement the following objectives:

Discover how to implement creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, curiosity, compassion, and courage into the blended learning classroom environment

Participate in a hands-on blended learning environment that promotes the 7 C's

Explore possible online and offline resources for the blended learning classroom

Collaborate with same skilled educators on how to create blended learning classrooms.

Develop unit plans that will use the 7 C's to encourage student engagement

Apply new tools and technology into a 7 C's project

Outline for the 7 C's of Blended learning
Introduction- 10 Minutes using Pear Deck to engage participants

Break up into the 7 rotations- Rotate every 20 minutes for a total of 2 hours and 20 minutes
Rotation 1: Exploring the Creativity within the blended learning classroom
Rotation 2: Diving deeper into Collaboration projects
Rotation 3: Discover the power of Communication tools to use in a blended learning classroom
Rotation 4: Develop high levels of Critical Thinking projects
Rotation 5: Turing learning over to the students through Curiosity thinking projects
Rotation 6: Working as a team in a blended learning and developing Compassion for each other
Rotation 7: The Courage to personalize and create a blended learning classroom.

Questions and Answer session the last 30 minutes