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Research and publications that keep you on top of a world where technology is radically changing how educating and learning is approached.

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From a network of your peers. The  OLC library covers all aspects of eLearning with high quality research that  investigates how online environments amplify, shape, and constrain teaching and learning. Here you will find information providing effective approaches and interventions that promote online student engagement, persistence, improvement, and success.

OLC Research Center for Digital Learning & LeadershipThe OLC Research Center for Digital Learning & Leadership

Resources include research studies, white papers, journal articles, as well as webinars, podcasts, and publications which are classified by topic: teaching & learning, instructional/learning design, leadership, digital learning, annual reports, and Quality.  Read more… 

Online Learning JournalOnline Learning Journal

OLC’s premier journal is dedicated to the development and dissemination of new knowledge at the intersection of pedagogy, emerging technology, policy, and practice in online environments.  Read more… 

Online & Blended Learning - eBook

OLC Book Series

The OLC Series of books on online education are based on collaborative OLC workshops of invited educators. These peer-reviewed case studies present a wealth of inside information about the strategies successful programs are using to improve learning effectiveness, cost effectiveness, access, and student and faculty satisfaction.  Read more… 

OLC InsightsOLC Insights

Our blog is dedicated to inspiring members of the online learning field with new ideas, innovative perspectives, world lessons, and personal stories. Have a great blog post you’d like to share?  Read more…