MSU Denver Agile Instructional Design Network (AIDNet)

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Brief Abstract

Learn about the emergence of a new agile paradigm in higher education for effective instructional design and optimal design team structure and management.

Additional Authors

Dr. Michael A. Erskine is a graduate of the Computer Science and Information Systems PhD program at the University of Colorado Denver. He received his M.S. in information systems from the University of Colorado Denver and his B.S. in computer information systems from Metropolitan State University of Denver. His work has been presented at the Americas Conference on Information Systems and the International Conference on Information Resources Management as well as published in Axioms.

Extended Abstract

Calling all administrators, design thinkers, faculty, instructional designers, supervisors, training professionals, technologists, and anyone looking to move teams at the pace of technology! Take a ride with MSU Denver into the future of instructional design and leadership. Traditional models, especially within higher education, are not easily disrupted, but it's only through disruption that we see the potential for truly revolutionary change. In the latest NMC Horizon Report: Higher Education Edition, Johnson, Becker, Estrada, & Freeman (2015) state that, "In order to breed innovation and adapt to economic needs, higher education institutions must be structured in ways that allow for flexibility, and spur creativity and entrepreneurial thinking." MSU Denver is currently immersed in a unique opportunity to become a pioneer in a nationally shifting paradigm (why don't you come along for the ride?); not by simply adopting more agile, entrepreneurial models, but by constructing their very own, uniquely tailored, strategic ID network (AIDNet). By selectively leveraging the most applicable practices and strategies from the fields of Instructional Design, Network Theory, Agile Design, Entrepreneurship, Team Dynamics/Management, and Information Systems, the education technology team at MSU Denver is reshaping a longstanding paradigm within higher education, one which has gone relatively unchanged for decades. Please join faculty members and strategic consultants from MSU Denver in an interactive exploration and discussion of what this revolutionary shift could mean for you, your teams, and your institution.

Participants will be provided:
ï Background research and briefing on the MSU Denver AIDNet
ï The core AIDNet analysis and proposal document and presentation slides
ï Opportunities for small group networking to discuss context-specific applicability
ï Strategies for adapting/adopting AIDNet or similar strategy within their institution
ï Specific technology tools/apps and unique leveraging techniques

Within the landscape of higher education, traditional personnel structures and instructional design methods are no longer sufficient to keep pace with the ever-evolving technology we all depend on. Join us in a skeptical look at past traditions, a critical discussion of present practices, and leave with a strategic vision for the future.