OER, Yikes! Jump Over the Moat and Learn How to Use OER in Academic Courses and Faculty Development

Workshop Session 2

Brief Abstract

Open educational resources (OER), sound great but how do we use them? Get hands-on experience finding and using OER for your needs.

Extended Abstract

Open educational resources (OER) have several benefits:
∑ Saves time because you don't have to start from zero
∑ Provides an opportunity to harness the knowledge of a larger group
∑ Provides a way to keep your content current
∑ Has the potential to save money for students if you move beyond textbooks

This workshop will focus on finding and using OER for both academic courses and faculty professional development. Creative commons licenses, resources for OER and examples of using these resources will be provided. The topics of remixing and contributing to OER will be briefly covered.

Come prepare to work on a specific course or faculty development project. You will need a computer or tablet with Internet connection to find OER resources and save your work.

-Identify your institutional needs and how OER might fit into your needs
Find OERs for your academic or faculty development course
-Identify creative commons licenses
-Explore various methods to use OER
-Explore summarizing and composing an OER for remixing and contributing