At Scale - Leveraging Technology Toolsets to Support Instructional Design and Course Quality Metrics

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Brief Abstract

An inside look at how Indiana University uses cutting edge dashboard to efficiently catalog course elements based on industry standard metrics across multiple disciplines.

Extended Abstract

In the move to digital education, one common pain point for many institutions is that they lack a consistent process for quickly and efficiently surveying course structure and outcomes and assessment alignment across a variety of disciplines and programs.

At Indiana University, a need was identified to streamline the analysis of online course quality at the lower level metrics (i.e. basic learning outcomes alignment, accessibility, and variety of course materials) in order to empower individual faculty members for self-analysis as well as better utilize instructional design teams for more sophisticated support around quality, student engagement, and instructional innovation. One strategy has been to look to technology providers to help operationalize an initial high-level survey of courses. Toward this effort, Indiana University partnered with Intellus Learning and is leveraging LMS information on course structure and alignment to generate valuable information on areas of course strength, as well as inform and improve instructional design and instructional effectiveness of the courses.
Through their pilot collaboration, Intellus Learning and Indiana University created the First Pass Survey to conduct an initial analysis of course materials, structure and learning outcomes within Canvas. Course information is crawled, collected, analyzed and reported based on IU-specified criteria. The initial pilot included 23 courses (online as well as hybrid) across six disciplines. Results were validated and standard reports were created in order to deliver meaningful data back to faculty and instructional designers to support ongoing development conversations.

The presentation will be led by Matthew Gunkel, Manager, eLearning Design & Services at the University of Indiana, who will begin by describing the barriers to starting a new initiative and addressing their requirements at scale. Natalie Murray, VP of Product and Learning at Intellus Learning, will present on the new platform and the how they partnered with Indiana University to create the First Pass Survey. Matthew and Natalie will then share initial results and validation points from First Pass, and conclude by discussing the potential to unlock valuable resources and insights and enhance the instructional design process, as well as the challenges of validating value for an academic audience.