The Birth of a Mobile App: From Conception to Delivery

Concurrent Session 9

Brief Abstract

Follow the timeline of mobile technology development for the online classroom. Learn the #1 strategy for applying mLearning to your classroom.


Cherri has been a graphic design instructor, online and on campus, for over 14 years. She has been involved in higher education in a myriad of ways including developing curriculum for online education as well as holding positions as a registrar, career placement manager, and student services coordinator. Currently, Cherri works as an Instructional Designer developing interactive online curriculum under a TAACCCT grant. She received her B.A. in Visual Communication Design from Purdue University and an MFA in Web Design & New Media from the Art Academy University of San Francisco.

Extended Abstract

We have all heard of, or played with, mobile technology but how can we efficiently apply mLearning to the classroom. After completing the Online Learning Consortium's Mobile Learning Mastery Series workshop I wanted to further explore and research best practices for mobile delivery. Follow the journey and journaling process. Learn the mistakes and triumphs of implementing mLearning in the classroom. How do you choose the best apps and how do you engage instructors in the process? It all starts with the competencies and moves through to assessing mobile capabilities.

You will learn if you've incorporated too much or too little in your class. Come away with new ideas and the list of innovative apps you can use to enhance learning. We will play with at least one app during the session to engage you as a learner.

The instructional designer position at Arapahoe Community College is supported by the TAACCCT (Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College Career Training) Round 4 Grant in our online Health Information Technology program and has allowed us to pursue the impacts of effective mLearning, providing us with the resources to implement various techniques and technology into our program.