Today's the Day: Balancing the Reality of Faculty Scholarship with Innovations in Digital Authorship

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Brief Abstract

Digital course development is broadly defined yet narrowly embraced. Despite the variety of authoring tools and the proliferation of instructional designers being hired nation wide, faculty still report the most significant barrier is lack of time.

Extended Abstract

Time is the single most essential element required for course development, digital authoring, and experimenting with innovative teaching methodology. And regardless of institution type, time is the one thing faculty do not have in abundance.
It's time to rethink the emphasis on peer-reviewed research as the most valued products of scholarship. In order to create a culture of innovation, faculty across institution types need to be able to use time traditionally dedicated to scholarship and publication more broadly. Institutions that honor the time needed to develop digital content with course releases and course development sabbaticals will fuel innovation and offer students course materials beyond a textbook cartridge. Reinventing the definition of scholarship, especially for Liberal Arts colleges, will allow innovative faculty to devote their research and scholarship time to the scholarship of teaching practices and course development. Additionally, Open Educational Resources interfaces provide peer reviews and other social aspects to create a broader reach for shared content.