6 Easy Steps to Building a Course in Adaptive Learning

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Brief Abstract

From objectives to complete learning map, a quick and easy demonstration on how to get started in building an adaptive learning course in six easy steps.


Judy Komar is Vice President of Educational Technology at Career Education Corporation. She is responsible for providing innovative technology solutions for CEC students and facilitates program development, academic requests, and institutional growth, as well as the continuous improvement of the online and blended student experience and environment. Most recently, Judy has been working with the IT and Academic Teams to design a new Adaptive Learning Platform for students through the creation of Learning Maps powered by Learning Analytics. Currently serving over 45,000 students with 200 learning maps, this Adaptive Learning Platform implementation showcases Adaptive Learning in action.

Extended Abstract

This session will outline 6 easy steps to building a course with adaptive learning. You will learn about different content sources, assessment types and how to build learning map connections in order to develop an engaging, adaptive student experience. Judy Komar has extensive experience in building adaptive learning courses and will share tips for making your existing content adaptive ready and share best practices to help get you started.