Flipping from Course Term Papers to Community Outreach Video Projects Aimed at Student Centered Learning

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Brief Abstract

This is a 5-year case study in which flipped classroom/lecture capture methods were used to promote the transition from course term papers to student generated YouTube video projects in a freshman public health science course.


Prof. Welsh has over 15 years of experience teaching in higher education. He has enthusiastically taught a variety of classes in the areas of health science, public health care and medical care delivery systems. Since joining the Clemson faculty in 2002 he has incorporated a variety of innovative technology based teaching methods into the traditional classroom and online courses he teaches. These methods have focused primarily on the use of recorded lecture and student video production teaching strategies.

Extended Abstract

Discussion will focus on course design, teaching, and evaluation strategies associated with student video projects, student centered learning, and community outreach goals, including:

1. How “Flipped Classroom/Lecture Capture” teaching methods can free up class time for more “student centered learning”

2. Methods used to transition from traditional term papers to innovative student generated video projects

3. Teaching methods used to promote student centered learning and community outreach goals

4. Evaluation methods and results associated with student satisfaction, learning outcomes and community outreach goals (e.g. video project grading rubrics, student feedback on video project experiences, critical thinking test scores, YouTube analytic results and general lessons learned)