Innovations in Blended and Online Learning
A Joint Conference Presented by OLC and MERLOT

Education innovation. It’s how we, as a community, continue to thrive in this rapidly changing learning environment. It’s how we respond to, revolve around, and guide student success and satisfaction. Whether embracing emerging tech, incorporating intelligent learning management systems, or designing blended classrooms, now more than ever it is imperative that academic leaders, faculty, and administrators alike come together to ensure that our pedagogies are progressive, organic and continually break new ground.

Advancing education innovation requires continuous visionary leadership from all disciplines. And that’s why we’re inviting you to join us in New Orleans this coming April. Together we will challenge our teaching and learning paradigms, reimagine the learning experience, and ideate on how disruptions in education today will shape the innovative classroom of tomorrow.

At OLC Innovate, we will conduct a series of engaging hands-on workshops aimed at fostering organic interactions and collaborative cross-disciplinary problem solving. Together we will build new foundations for stronger, better higher education environments. And because innovation scales best when ideas are shared, our work sessions will explore emerging technologies and adapted teaching behaviors aimed at informing policy, inspiring leadership, and evolving practice at all levels impacting institutions, universities and colleges.

Advancing education innovation begins with you. And it all starts at OLC Innovate. Please be there. New Orleans, April 2017.

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To ensure learning remains at the forefront while we witness the confluence of technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge, OLC Innovate aims to provide compelling reasons to attend:


New Connections

“Not only did OLC Innovate in New Orleans provide an unusual and wonderful backdrop to connect with my colleagues, but the Emerging Ideas sessions and the Plugin Lounge created an environment that fostered networking and connecting with folks in similar positions with similar issues and allowed for highly useful brainstorming sessions.”
Erica Curry, Course and Faculty Support, State University Ecampus


Incredibly Valuable!

“As a “newbie” to the world of online learning and educational technology, I found this conference incredibly valuable. The mix of session types, presentation venues and formats, and the active engagement of the vendors, provided the perfect training ground to get quickly up-to-speed. Thank you for organizing a wonderful event. I will definitely be back in the future!”
Carleen Kerttula, Director of Program Innovation, University of St. Thomas


Future of Education

“This conference was about so much more than online learning. It was about the future of education, and how to help faculty get excited about teaching in the classroom, online and hybrid environments. I left with excitement about where education is headed – and that is something that every educator needs.”
Laura Douglass, Assistant Dean, Endicott College


A Productive Opportunity!

“OLC is the conference that combines intellectuals, leaders, and innovators into one productive opportunity!”
Patricia Gonzalez, Director of e-Learning, University of North Carolina Wilmington


Innovative, Unique Ideas

“There were tons of innovative, unique ideas shared at OLC Innovate 2016 for both online, face-to-face and technology enhanced environments. I learned a lot and I can’t wait to apply new strategies in the next academic year!”
Katrina Wehr, Instructional Designer, Penn State


Innovative & Invigorating

“OLC Innovate provided an excellent opportunity to focus on a very important contemporary concern of my institution – online teaching and learning. Sharing my institution’s work and learning about the work of others invigorated me to go back home and focus on innovation to solve critical issues.”
Lisa Macon, Dean, Engineering & Technology, Valencia College


Where People Have the Answers

“I’ve been looking for a way to design online interactive activities for my student for years beyond the clunky way I do it in powerpoints, and this is the first place I’ve gone where people have answers. Now I may also look into making those activities adaptive as well. Knowing about these resources alone makes this conference worthwhile.”
Elaine Mo, Asst. Professor, University of Phoenix

OLC and MERLOT invite you to submit a proposal for Innovate 2017 Featuring Innovations in Online and Blended Learning

OLC and MERLOT invite you to submit for presentation at our OLC Innovate 2017 conference.  Topics may include: challenging barriers to innovation, pedagogical innovation, structural innovation, workforce innovation, or you can propose your own presentation topic dedicated to innovations in blended and online learning.

We seek proposals for interactive sessions for workshops, emerging ideas sessions, education sessions, conversations that work, career forums, Solution Design Summit entries, and hands-on innovation lab demonstrations that engage and inform participants.

Proposed sessions will be targeted to administrators, design thinkers, faculty, instructional support, students, training professionals, technologists, and others.

Presenters and facilitators from the following areas were encouraged to submit proposals:

• Higher Education • K-12 Faculty • Researchers • Graduate scholars • Educational technology leaders • Instructional designers • Instructional technologists • Faculty • Instructor

OLC Innovate 2017 Call For Presentations is Now Open.

Learn More

 Deadline to submit is November 2, 2016, 11:59pm ET.

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