• Jennifer Mathes, Online Learning Consortium – CEO and Executive Conference Chair
  • Adam Davi, University of Arizona – Conference Co-Chair
  • Dorothy Loftin, Oregon State University – Conference Chair
  • Angela Gunder, Online Learning Consortium – CAO and Conference Program Director
  • Cody House, George Washington University – Program Co-Chair
  • Florence Williams, University of Central Florida – Program Co-Chair
  • Madeline Shellgren, Online Learning Consortium – Director of Community Strategy and Engagement
  • Carmen Beck, Academic Partnerships – Engagement Co-Chair
  • Laura Geringer, PumpkinBerry Consulting – Engagement Co-Chair
  • Christine Hinkley, Online Learning Consortium – Senior Director, Conferences
  • Mirna Castaneda-Tinney, Online Learning Consortium – Conferences Manager
  • Veronica Hoff, Online Learning Consortium – Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Katie Schuster, Online Learning Consortium – Director, Global Events


  • Chris Pilgrim, Mississippi State University – Engagement Team
  • Jennifer Culver, Southern Methodist University – Engagement Team
  • Eric Loepp, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater – Field Guides Co-Chair
  • Yan Xu, Spelman College – Field Guides Co-Chair
  • Adam Baldry, Pima Community College- Innovation Crew Co-Chair
  • Catherine Manly, Bay Path University – Innovation Crew Co-Chair
  • Julie Hernandez, Western Governors University – Presenter Services Chair
  • Jason Reed, State College of Florida – Manatee-Sarasota – Speed Networking Co-Chair
  • Maddy Kadish, George Washington University – Speed Networking Co-Chair
  • Cynthia Pascal, Northern Virginia Community College – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Drew Santorello, George Washington University – Engagement Team
  • Tori Wynn, Academic Partnerships – Summits Co-Chair
  • Kate Grovergrys, Madison College – Summits Co-Chair
  • Kim Grewe, Northern Virginia Community College – Access, Equity, and Open Education
  • Kiran Budhrani, University of North Carolina at Charlotte – Blended Learning Strategy and Practice
  • Megan Holt, Northern Illinois University – Engaged and Effective Teaching and Learning
  • Heather Zink, American Public University System – Instructional Design
  • Andrew Wiss, George Washington University – Leadership and Institutional Strategies
  • Naomi Aguiar, Oregon State University – Research, Evaluation, and Learning Analytics
  • Matt LaBrake, Hudson County Community College – Student Support
  • Reed Dickson, Pima Community College – Technology and Future Trends


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