Exploring and Implementing Adaptive Learning Courseware at Georgia State University

Concurrent Session 10

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Brief Abstract

In 2016, APLU selected Georgia State University as one of eight universities to implement and scale adaptive learning coursewares in general education courses. Georgia State’s adaptive learning program manager and pilot faculty discuss their experiences with the exploration, evaluation, and piloting of adaptive coursewares in grant years 1 & 2.


Megan Tesene is the Adaptive Learning Program Manager based in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) at Georgia State University. Her background is in sociological research, critical pedagogy, and instructional support. She has taught introductory and upper-level undergraduate courses at the University of Northern Iowa and Georgia StateUniversity, previously earning the Certificate of Excellence in College Teaching at GSU. Megan is also a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology at GSU and is in the process of completing her dissertation project. In addition to sociological research, Megan has extensive experience in program evaluation, graduate instructor training, faculty support, and active learning communities.
Brown is a Senior Lecturer in Political Science and Vice President at the World Affairs Council of Atlanta. His duties include serving as the creator/catalyst of the Robinson Country Intelligence Index (a unique data literacy and research tool), which has been woven into a wide variety of classes at GSU. He is currently part of an APLU/Gates adaptive learning grant and is co-authoring a study of the impact of adaptive learning courseware (RealizeIt).

Extended Abstract

Georgia State University is one of eight institutions that received a grant from the Association of Public Land-Grant Universities. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with oversight from the APLU Personalized Learning Consortium, the three-year pilot explores adaptive learning courseware in high enrollment, high DFW courses. Through collaboration and community building our team of faculty and CETL support staff dedicated Year 1 to the exploration and selection of adaptive learning coursewares. During the 2017-2018 academic year, three adaptive learning platforms are being piloted and tested against traditional coursewares in select economics, political science, and psychology courses. Providing that positive student and faculty outcomes are documented in the pilot year, our team will scale out adaptive coursewares across each of the grant-participating courses in Year 3. Georgia State’s Adaptive Learning Program Manager and faculty piloting coursewares in American Government, Global Issues, and Introduction to Psychology will share their experiences and lessons learned as they near the completion of the pilot stage of the project.