I-LOOM-inate Your Class: Using Video Technology to Enhance Students' Experiences

Concurrent Session 4

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

This presentation is geared for anyone desiring to utilize personalized video technology to enhance classes. Video technology can be utilized to expand upon course content, clarify assignment requirements, and provide feedback on assignments. Presenters will demonstrate the use of Loom and will share examples of how it can be used.  


Mark Wireman, Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), has transitioned his professional skills into teaching students at Grand Canyon University and is currently an assistant professor in the College of Science, Engineering and Technology. Before accepting this position, Dr. Wireman practiced chiropractic medicine for 10 years throughout Phoenix. He holds a DC from Palmer College of Chiropractic and a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Graceland University. Mark lives in Scottsdale with his wife and children. In his free time, he likes to play volleyball, hike and spend time with his family.

Additional Authors

Laura Terry has worked in the field of education for fifteen years and is currently a Full Time Faculty at Grand Canyon University. Laura has experience teaching in a variety of modalities including face to face to face, online, and blended learning. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology and writes curriculum for the discipline as well. Prior to working at Grand Canyon University, Laura was a high school counselor for three years and taught American Sign Language courses at a local community college for five years. She also worked as a special education teacher focusing on students who were deaf and hard of hearing for eight years.   Dr. Terry is originally from Pennsylvania; however she moved to Arizona in 2000 to escape the cold weather, snow, and rain. She is a huge fan of the HOT Arizona summers. She enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.
Jessi Farmer is an Arizona Native and an ASU Sun Devil. She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Communication Studies. She is currently a Lope as she is working on her Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Organizational Development at Grand Canyon University. Her passion is studying communication within organization settings. She started her teaching career in 2009, as adjunct faculty at Glendale Community College. While at Glendale Community College, Jessi became a Young Life advisor so she could to help mentor students. She now serves as the club advisor to two different student clubs at Grand Canyon University, COM Club and Her Campus. As a professor, Jessi enjoys making abstract theories applicable for students. Furthermore, she challenges students to become well-rounded thinkers by introducing situations and perspectives where theories become pertinent. Born and raised in Peoria, Arizona, Jessi now resides in Phoenix. In her spare time she enjoys ridding her horses and most importantly spending quality time with her family and friends.

Extended Abstract

Video technology is widely used to enhance classes offered online. However, creative methods for utilizing and implementing video technology in the online setting as well as in the traditional classroom setting continue to be explored. When videos are implemented in online classes, student perceive this to be valuable, grades are positively influenced, and students participate more often and provide more detailed posts in the discussion forum (Draus, Curran, & Trempus, 2014). Therefore, the presenters believe traditional as well as online modalities can benefit from the use of video technology. Video technology has been utilized in their classes to enhance student experience, provide additional information related to course content, and to provide feedback on graded assignments. Three presenters from various disciplines will share uses of Loom video technology in traditional and online modalities. Loom was selected by the presenters due to the fact that the instructors’ head was visible in a circle in the bottom left corner of the screen. Guo, Kim, and Rubin (2014) noted that short, informal, talking-head videos are more engaging than high quality pre-recorded lectures. During the workshop, time will be provided to create a free Loom account and features of this particular type of video technology will be briefly discussed. In addition, each presenter will share specific examples of how this technology has been implemented into their classes. Student feedback related to video technology will also be included.


Draus, P. J., Curran, M. J., & Trempus, M. S. (2014). The Influence of Instructor-Generated Video Content on Student Satisfaction with and Engagement in Asynchronous Online Classes. Journal of Online Learning & Teaching, 10(2), 240-254.

Guo P. J., Kim J., & Rubin, R. (2014). How video production affects student engagement: An empirical study of MOOC videos. In Proceedings of the first ACM conference on Learning @ scale conference (L@S '14). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 41-50. DOI=http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2556325.2566239