Redesigning The Student Experience: How Nicolet College Is Using CRM To Innovate Academics, Student Affairs, Admissions, And Career Services

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Brief Abstract

Nicolet College has redesigned its enterprise technology to create a student-centered infrastructure to better meet the evolving needs of students and local employers.


Christin VanKauwenberg is the Director of Student Success at Nicolet College, a rural two-year institution that is part of the Wisconsin Technical College System, where she helps support the teams that impact a student’s journey outside the classroom. Christin’s professional experience in higher education includes work at a four-year regional comprehensive institution as well as working for a tribal government as a higher education coordinator.

Extended Abstract

Facing the demands of students and employers in a rapidly changing local economy, Nicolet College has embarked on an ambitious redesign of its enterprise technology to create a student-centered infrastructure. Building around the student and their specific goals, Nicolet is redesigning their approach to student engagement to eliminate the silos across the student lifecycle. By unifying their technology solutions on a single platform, Nicolet can more effectively gather and leverage data on students, from recruitment to post-graduation, to more effectively support their progress and achieve their goals.

In this session, Nicolet’s Director of Student Success and Director of Customer Success with Nicolet’s technology partner, Motivis Learning, will discuss:

  • Factors motivating Nicolet’s vision for a different student experience
  • How Nicolet designed its new technology strategy and identified the key components of this new infrastructure
  • Results from the early stages of the implementation