Collaboratively create video learning objects remotely using Google Hangouts On-Air

Concurrent Session 1

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Brief Abstract

This presentation demonstrates use of Google Hangouts On Air for remote video capture of content, such as subject matter experts who may located anywhere in the world, that can subsequently serve as source material to create course learning objects and videos very economically and efficiently.


Laddie Scott Odom has over 30 years of multimedia production experience. He has served as Multimedia Producer for UMUC since 2005. His major responsibilities have included research, procurement, rollout and management of large-scale technological solutions within the institution. He manages daily activities at the UMUC Media Lab facility and is responsible for creation of innovative learning objects utilizing audio, video, and interactive authoring tools. He also supports professional learning opportunities for UMUC staff and faculty via production and presentation of symposia, webinars, and workshops on pertinent subjects such as cloud-based apps, MOOCs, and distance education best practices.

Extended Abstract

Although many people may be totally unaware of Google Hangouts On Air, or perhaps believe it is dead - the good news is that it still lives on - now residing within YouTube, and just as useful as ever. Perhaps even more so given our own research. Google Hangouts On Air is a proven tool for hosting great live events and virtual field trips. But, it can also be utilized as a platform for capturing content, such as video of subject matter experts who may be located anywhere in the world. This recorded content. which automatically uploads to YouTube, can subsequently be downloasded and serve as source material for very economical and efficient creation of course learning objects and videos.

Our practical research has shown that with knowledge of some best practices and lessons learned, Google Hangouts On Air can prove a very useful and flexible platform for creation of learning content. This presentation will quickly review two example projects.

One project involved capturing Drazek Award winners from around the world, speaking about the award and their teaching experiences. The winners were recorded remotely from locations around the world, including Germany, Japan, and Australia.

The second project example is of a series of business management course introduction videos, which were produced collaboratively with instructors located around the globe to create course learning objects.

The demonstration segment will include a brief live Google Hangouts On Air session, and include viewing the resulting video on YouTube.