Steps to Improving the Quality of Online Learning Video Production

Concurrent Session 7

Brief Abstract

What steps should you take to improve the quality of online learning videos? In this session, discover how different-sized institutions addressed this question, gain a set of “lessons learned,” and explore a practical framework that can help you discern the next step toward improving online learning videos at your institution.  

Extended Abstract

Instructional videos are a powerful tool in online learning. They can be used to explain or demonstrate content. They can be used to bring an instructor’s presence alive in an online course. Yet, even a brief glimpse around the videos publically available on the internet reflects that many institutions struggle with producing high-quality online learning videos. It is common for an online learning team – whether director, instructional designer, or multimedia specialist – to live in the limbo between their vision for video production and the realities of what is produced. Many online staff live in this tension and struggle with how to make improvements in this area.

In this session, we will explore successful strategies taken by various institutions who improved their online learning video production. We will present the findings of a study that examined how different sized institutions – large, midsize, and small – improved the quality of their online learning videos. This study’s findings will present how these institution

  • Analyzed the quality of their current online learning videosnvisioned the quality improvements they wanted to make
  • ·         Analyzed the factors that affect video quality
  • ·         Determined what improvements to focus on
  • ·         Evaluated the results of their implementation

 After presenting how different sized institutions took steps to improve, we will examine their actions through a framework for improving the quality of online learning video production. As we examine their actions through this framework, we will glean several, practical “lessons learned” from them. More importantly, every session participant will leave not only with a set of “lessons learned” from their peers but also a framework that can help them decide what steps they can take to improve the quality of their online learning videos.