A Two-Phased Approach to Online Faculty Development

Concurrent Session 6

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

Faced with a need to ensure faculty are prepared both technologically and pedagogically to teach online, USFSM E-Learning Services developed a two-phased faculty training program.  Learn how our two-week Canvas Course and semester-long Pedagogy Course ensure that faculty find success as they design and deliver high-quality online courses.


Heidi Schroeder is currently a Learning Designer III at the University of South Florida. In this position she collaborates with faculty to design, develop, and review online courses. Heidi participated in the ID2ID Professional Mentorship program offered through Educause and Penn State during the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years. She collaborated with a colleague at Macomb Community College to research and develop a set of best practices for Project Management in Instructional Design and regularly facilitates the Project Management for Instructional Designers workshop through the Online Learning Consortium. Heidi is a certified Master Reviewer and Online APPQMR and IYOC workshop facilitator through Quality Matters. She has presented at numerous regional and national conferences and served as a pre-conference speaker for the 2019 Quality Matters Connect conference. She is a member of the leadership team for the University of South Florida Learning Design Group – a Professional Development Community of approximately fifty Instructional Design Professionals at USF. She also initiated the Learning Design Group Book Club. Heidi developed a two-phased Faculty Professional Development online teaching certification process and currently facilitates both parts of the certification series. She teaches Student Life Skills and Education Courses as an Adjunct Instructor at USF and has been recognized as an 'Incredi-bull Critical Thinking' Faculty member. Heidi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Wheaton College and a Master of Science degree in Instructional Systems with a focus on Open and Distance Learning from Florida State University.

Extended Abstract

Faced with a need to ensure online faculty are prepared both technologically and pedagogically to teach online, USFSM E-Learning Services developed a two-phased faculty training program.  The Canvas Course (Phase One) is a two-week online course specific to our Learning Management System that models an effective online course design. This course jump starts new faculty teaching online. The Pedagogy Course (Phase Two) is a semester-long hybrid course that introduces faculty to key instructional design concepts specific to online learning as well as advanced technologies available for integration in their online course.  Participants in the Pedagogy Course meet monthly with an Instructional Designer as they develop or re-design their online course.  This course ensures that faculty can design and deliver a high-quality online course.

Learn how USFSM has utilized this two-phased approach to online faculty development to certify faculty to teach online and to develop high-quality online courses with a small E-Learning staff.  Participants in this session will:

  • Develop a checklist of learning objectives for faculty professional development and online teaching certification at their institution.
  • Identify hands-on activities that allow faculty to gain experience with the Learning Management System and the Instructional Design process for an online course.
  • Discuss successes and challenges of implementing a faculty professional development program.