Save The Robot! -or- Using Computational Thinking As A Method For Course Design

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Alone on the harsh Martian landscape, a tiny rover skirts obstacles using code you devise at this hands-on session! Explore Computational Thinking as a process for designing online courses as we break complex problems down into patterns and sequences, create algorithms, and design tests for finding and fixing errors!


Michael Griffith, MS is the Director of Instructional and Learning Technologies at the University of Arizona's College of Education. As an instructional designer and educational technologist for the College, he works with faculty to improve student engagement and outcomes for online and telepresent courses by designing and building modular learning spaces and researching and adopting technologies to reduce the engagement gap for distance students in resident courses. Mike has taught undergraduate courses in Web development and Human Computer Interaction for the UA and loves taking a day each month to facilitate the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) club at his kids' school.

Extended Abstract