Remote-Learner Focus Group

Concurrent Session 4

Brief Abstract

Remote-Learner is looking for feedback from educators on an innovative new syllabus builder currently in development that streamlines the process of creating a syllabus by making it a living part of the course it represents.  Launched during an OLC Innovate focus group this past spring, we are excited to be able to bring wireframes and prototypes born from that session to a new group of educators for further refinement and improvement.

For your time and contribution, the first ten people to arrive will receive a $10 Starbucks gift card.  Additionally, there will be a drawing for one $100 Amazon gift card at the conclusion of the session.
***This focus group is invitation only***


Geoff Horsfall is Remote-Learner's Senior Project Manager. He has spent his entire career working in educational content and technology, spanning preschool to adult learners. In his current role, Geoff is responsible for communicating the needs of educators to our development team, determining the development specifications and timelines to address those needs, and then communicating completed development efforts back to educators through a range of marketing strategies.

Extended Abstract