Innovation in the Proctoring Industry: Using New Tools to Strengthen Institution Reputation

Concurrent Session 3

Brief Abstract

Nearly a decade after live online proctoring first changed the education landscape, numerous proctoring models have been introduced to the market but none are very innovative or customer focused. This presentation will discuss how ProctorU spent two years and the experience behind four million proctored exams and the feedback of over 1,000 clients to develop a new platform, ProctorU Auto, bringing significant innovation to the online proctoring market….again.


Jarrod pioneered the online proctoring industry in 2008 when he founded ProctorU and created a patented proctoring process that is now used worldwide. Under his leadership, ProctorU has become the largest provider of online exam security in the industry. Jarrod has been a prominent advocate for academic integrity, specifically working with the US Congress and Department of Education on the issue of financial aid fraud. He is a sought after speaker in the areas of education technology, online proctoring, academic integrity and identity verification, and is active in many industry associations. Jarrod has been listed by The Birmingham Business Journal as one of Birmingham’s Top 40 Professionals Under 40 and named one of the 20 people to Lead Birmingham in the next 20 years by BHM Biz Magazine. As a former student of the University of Florida, he has been honored four consecutive times with the Gator 100 award.

Extended Abstract

Proctoring was revolutionized in 2008 when live online proctoring was first introduced to institutions of higher ed. In the nearly decade since, the space has become congested with technology-based tools that lack the preventative nature of live proctoring. Furthermore, vendors have flooded the marketplace and navigating vendors and their different offerings has become a process that leaves many unsure what the major differentiators are.

This presentation will discuss how ProctorU spent the past two years and the experience behind four million proctored exams to develop a new automated platform that introduces major industry firsts, including:

- AI-based proctoring that learns and adapts to test-taker behavior over time, getting smarter with each exam

- Real-time exam view for faculty and administrators

- watch test-takers as they complete the exam live

- Live proctors verify test-taker identities and secure the physical testing environment prior to an exam