Creating Simulations with Muzzy Lane Author

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

Muzzy Lane Author is a cloud based service for authoring and deploying simulations and game-based learning activities. This session will show you how it works and send you away with a free account and the knowledge to start building your own simulations!


Dave McCool is the President & CEO of Muzzy Lane Software, creators of Muzzy Lane Author. Muzzy Lane Author allows instructional designers to quickly and easily create simulations to enhance their online courses. Muzzy Lane Author is cloud based, mobile first, meets WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards, integrates to your LMS, and tracks detailed analytics on your learners. Customizable learning objectives enable you to auto assess whether your students can apply the concepts and skills you are teaching them. And since you control the content keeping it up to date is quick and easy as well through our one click publishing model.
Jeff Fiske has been effectively empowering partners and development teams in the creation of strategy games and simulations for over 20 years.

Extended Abstract

Interested in adding simulations and game-based learning activities to your online courses but daunted by the complexity and cost? Muzzy Lane Author is a new cloud based service that allows Instructional Designers and Subject Matter Experts to create, deploy, and maintain their own simulations and game-based learning activities. Author is template based which makes it quick and easy to get started building rich simulations. All activities produced run in any browser, are mobile friendly, meet WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards, and support the IMS Global Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard for seamless integration into your institutions LMS. Robust assessment options make it simple to map student performance to the learning objectives for the activity. This allows you to cost effectively assess your students ability to apply the concepts you are teaching them.

Key takeaways will be basic training on the Author toolset and a set of demo activities that show how each of the templates can be used to create rich simulations with robust built in assessment. Basic accounts on Muzzy Lane Author are free so attendees will be able to jump right in and start creating!