Thursday, October 05, 2023 2:30pm -3:30pm U.S. Eastern Time Zone | VIRTUAL


The transformative nature of digital learning is both a promise and a challenge, particularly for students with diverse backgrounds, needs, and educational goals. In this enlightening panel discussion, three student interns from the Every Learner Everywhere and GlobalMindEd will share their personal and profound journeys navigating the complexities of education. From the nuances of digital platforms to the broader dynamics of virtual classrooms, these students will provide candid insights into the obstacles they’ve encountered. More importantly, they’ll shed light on actionable strategies and practices that faculty can implement to enhance digital learning experiences to make them more inclusive and impactful. The aim is not only to promote student engagement but to champion a comprehensive vision of student success that is both inclusive and empowering. Join us to hear these compelling narratives and engage in a dialogue that bridges the gap between educators and learners in the digital realm.

Moderator: Eddie Frausto, Every Learner Everywhere Network


Eddie Frausto is a first-generation Latino college student at Georgia State University in his senior year majoring in marketing. As an ELE Intern, he works towards empowering people of color from underrepresented backgrounds. He is currently the President of the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) at Georgia State’s campus. He joined ALPFA to make friends and share resources with students on campus to connect them to internships and full-time employment opportunities. His passions include mentorship, volunteering, and going to live sports events.

Co-presenter: Kyra Welch


Kyra Welch is a Student Success Associate who works with GlobalMindED to help find people aligned with our mission. She believes that through knowledge and ambition that you can align with success and purpose. Kyra has also worked with GlobalMindED as one of our 25 selected student ambassadors. She also has life coach training from LifeBound. Kyra is also pursuing her Bachelors in Psychology, from Bethune- Cookman University.

Co-presenter: Khadija Rashid


I’m Khadija Rashid, a rising junior at Cornell University, majoring in Government with minors in South Asian Studies, Fashion, and Business. Previously, I served as the Campaign Manager in the Young Invincible Fellowship Program, leading a Higher Education project that focused on policy, social media, and advocacy. Through this role, I developed strategic recommendations to amplify the voices of young people in the political process. During my time in high school, I represented the Brooklyn South Borough Student Advisory Council on the Chancellor’s Student Advisory Council (CSAC). Collaborating closely with NYC Department of Education stakeholders, I provided valuable input on budgeting decisions and worked towards enhancing equity for 1,800 schools, overseeing Comprehensive Education Plans. These experiences have deepened my commitment to addressing inequities and making a positive impact in education for all. Guided by my college motto, “Any person, any study,” I firmly believe in the transformative power of education to create a more equitable society

Co-presenter: Danielle White


My name is Danielle and I am a rising senior at George Washington University. I am studying International Affairs with a concentration in Development, and minoring in Sociocultural Anthropology. My research and career goals are to improve the quality of education and access to resources for a better student experience. I am excited to contribute my personal lived experiences as a Black, first gen student to advancing education, so that students who look like me can effectively pursue their dreams.