Will You Engage Me? I Said Yes to the Tool

Concurrent Session 2

Brief Abstract

Learners cannot be expected to passively soak in knowledge simply presented to them. Engagement is now more crucial than ever, but engaging learners is much easier said than done. Come and discover how an Instructional Designer incorporated the powerful H5P tool to create transformative, impactful, and engaging learning experiences. 

Extended Abstract

I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.” Michael Scott 

Learner engagement is crucial now more than ever when it comes to shaping the minds of the future. Gone are the days of molding classrooms through the lens of an instructor-centered approach; learners cannot be expected to just passively soak in the knowledge presented to them anymore, especially in an asynchronous setting. It is time to say hello to teaching modalities that foster engagement and active learning. The research shows that an increased student engagement increases student satisfaction, maximizes motivation, and improves overall performance paving the road for a new way of learning. Instructors have tried to follow suit, attempting to become pioneers in their own right by increasing the amount of discussions posts, incorporating group presentations, and straying away from long-form lectures. In their efforts, instructors still find themselves befuddled when their last-ditch efforts to make learning fun end up leaving learners unengaged and wanting more than what is offered. Although instructors have begun to understand that learner engagement is a necessity, their overall execution to incorporate this in the classroom and proven to be disadvantageous. For these reasons, it is imperative that instructors are equipped with the tools to create content that educates, inspires, and engages learners. 


Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin 

The use of EdTech tools is a powerful engagement strategy in asynchronous learning. They help instructors create a learning environment that is unlike anything traditional learning has to offer. For instance, tools like PlayPosit have pioneered the implementation of interactive videos into course to increase long-term retention and learning efficacy, Persuall has improved learner collaboration through its use as a social annotation tool, and Yellowdig has completely shifted the paradigm in which discussions occur. When instructors are encouraged to incorporate EdTech tools, they are not restrained by the rules of an instructor-centered approach. Rather, they are provided with a lifeline that helps them to teach content in a way that focuses on keeping learners engaged. This session presents attendees with a unique and powerful EdTech tool, H5P, that, while unfamiliar to many, guarantees to maximize learner engagement unlike any EdTech tool. 

We will explore how H5P, a free and open-source content creation platform designed for creating interactive tools and elements, can be leveraged to foster learner engagement and active learning in an asynchronous environment. Several content types within H5P will be highlighted that focus directly on maximizing learner engagement. Examples and real-world applications for the content types presented will be shared, along with including evidence-based research that supports the use of H5P to support learner engagement. While there are a copious amount of content types housed in H5P, the content types highlighted in this session include KewAr Code, Branching Scenario, and Crossword Puzzle. 

Level of Participation: 

Prior to the overview of each H5P content type, the speaker will pick volunteers from the attendees to showcase the three H5P content types that promote learner engagement: KewAr Code, Branching Scenario, and Crossword Puzzle. During the KewAr Code activity, attendees will attempt to complete a digital Scavenger Hunt made entirely through QR codes. The Branching Scenario activity will see attendees engage in a virtual activity that will allow them to “choose their own adventure”. Lastly, the Crossword Puzzle will have attendees put together the key takeaways of the session in the form of a virtual crossword puzzle. 

Session Goals: 

Individuals attending this education session will be able to identify what H5P is and the pedagogical benefits it poses for asynchronous learning. Additionally, individuals will be able to evaluate online learning content for opportunities to increase learner engagement through H5P. Lastly, individuals will be inspired, and given the resources, to create H5P content that maximizes learner engagement. 

Attendees will be provided with a full version of the Microsoft Powerpoint presentation via Microsoft Sway. Additionally, applicable links and information relating to using H5P in a classroom setting will be posted. The presenter will strive to instill a sense of excitement and inspiration in adopting H5P to create content types that disrupts the way learners engage with the curriculum.