Becoming Culturally Intelligent

Streamed Session Equity and Inclusion

Brief Abstract

Understand the foundations of Cultural Intelligence (CI) through engaging interactive activities that guide participants in becoming more empathetic and compassionate in their daily practices. Participants receive an interactive digital guide with activities for implementing immediate action steps and engaging in ongoing reflection.


Dr. Renee Bhatti-Klug [Ruh-nay ba-HA-tee Kloog] (she/her/hers) is an innovative educational leader and researcher committed to the topics of developing Cultural Intelligence (CI), building people-centered curricula, and fostering inclusive environments. She has been educating students and training leaders from over 100 nations for twenty years. As a leader, Renee seeks to model the values of curiosity, empathy, and compassion, all through action-oriented and data-driven decision making. Renee began her career as faculty of English composition, literature, creative writing and language acquisition. Then, as Arizona State University's first Senior University International Educator, Renee spent seven years training faculty and staff on fostering culturally responsive environments through building CI. She uses a model for CI that she developed and tested with university faculty through her doctoral research. Currently, as the first Director of International Advocacy Initiatives at ASU’s International Students and Scholars Center, Renee hosts The Global Advocacy Certificate Program, in which over 2,000 ASU faculty and staff members have become Global or Advanced Global Advocates by attending monthly workshops to cultivate equity for and inclusion of culturally and linguistically diverse individuals and communities. In addition to these programs, Renee offers faculty and staff departmental support through training and consulting. She also oversees a team of educators who provide students culturally responsive programming through innovative modalities. Outside ASU, through Culturally Intelligent Training & Consulting, LLC, Renee and her team are available to provide organizations holistic, customizable solutions for sustaining culturally responsive behaviors through CI. Renee has studied abroad in England and France, backpacked across Europe, kayaked in Fiji, and trained teachers in Madagascar. She lives in Phoenix, AZ with her husband and three children. She is a Certified Advanced Teacher of the Enneagram and the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI).

Extended Abstract

Research proves that Cultural Intelligence (CI) enhances people's communication and performance when they work with diverse individuals. Becoming Culturally Intelligent (BCI) guides participants in developing their CI to increase Cultural Openness, Cultural Awareness, and Cultural Responsiveness. Through the application of Bhatti-Klug's (via CITC) research-based CI model, leaders and contributors alike learn how to demonstrate CI individually for organizational transformation. Interactive activities and guided conversations provide participants with opportunities for critical reflection to become more curious and empathetic in their daily practices, recognizing that compassion drives action.