Conference Access Instructions


All sessions are listed on the website in US CENTRAL TIME ZONE. Be sure you are calculating the correct time to join a session.

REGISTERED ATTENDEES:  You will need to be logged into the virtual conference venue using the email you used to register for the conference to attend or watch the sessions. Once logged in, select the session you wish to attend, then click on the “Join Session” button.

Access our virtual conference platform! The link will also be accessible from your OLC user profile. Access to the conference and Zoom session links will be through our virtual conference platform. We hope will find this platform provides easier navigation of conference sessions, access to resources, and more interaction through our virtual exhibit hall.

Virtual Conference Venue Overview:


To access the virtual conference venue:

  • Navigate to the OLC website and log into your OLC User account (that you used to register for the conference). 
  • Once logged in, click “My Account”
  • You will see a blue stripe at the top of your profile dashboard that says “The OLC Innovate 2021 Conference venue is open. Access enhanced venue.” 
  • After you select the link, you will be redirected to the venue sign in page. Sign in with the email you used to register for the conference.
  • You will be redirected to the Home page of the conference venue.
  • From the Home page of the conference venue, select the Today’s Live Sessions button to view the list of sessions coming up for the day or select the On Demand and Full Session Listing button for the complete program listing.
  • Select the session title you wish to view. This will open a pop-up box.
  • About 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the session, select the “Attend” button. This will take you to a full session description.
  • Select the “Join the Session” button to launch the Zoom room. Your session will begin promptly at the scheduled time (US Central Time Zone).
  • If you arrive prior to the session is open, you will see a countdown clock above the “Attend” button. You won’t be able to enter the session room until 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
  • Remember – Discovery and Exposition Foundry Asynchronous Sessions are held asynchronously and may be viewed at any time.  Clicking on one of these sessions will let you view the the presentation in VoiceThread. Create a free VoiceThread account or log in to your existing VoiceThread account to leave comments or questions for the presenters. 
Attendees please note: As you join a session, remember that links will be active 10-15 minutes before the start of each live-streamed session. Each room does have a maximum capacity of 300 participants, so we encourage you to arrive a few minutes early to ensure you get a “seat” in the session. If you find that the capacity of the room has been reached, please select another session to attend during that time block and come back to view the on-demand recording at a later date.
Presenters and session chairs please note: You will enter your assigned presentation room the same way you would enter a session as an attendee. Please plan on entering your presentation room 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time (as soon as the link is available). 


Discovery and Exposition Foundry Asynchronous sessions are VoiceThead presentations you can view anytime throughout the conference. The VoiceThread presentations are embedded in the presentation listing in the conference venue in the “on-demand” section an on the right-hand sidebar of the Full program listing page. These sessions do not have an assigned date and time and can be accessed at your convenience. Note: You can view the presentations without logging in to VoiceThread, but to leave comments to the presenters (please do! they are eager to have conversations with fellow conference attendees about their presentations), you will need to log in to or create a new free VoiceThread account

Discovery and Exposition Foundry Asynchronous sessions are sponsored by

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If you have any questions, please review the FAQ page or contact us at