At the Online Learning Consortium, we believe that a good conference doesn’t just include high quality sessions. Beyond a full program of sessions led by experts across the field, a good conference should value programming intentionally designed to bring community together (and have some fun along the way). And we’ve done just that! Organized by our OLC Accelerate 2022 Engagement Team (consisting of a group of fantastic volunteers and led by OLC’s Director of Community Strategy and Engagement, Madeline Shellgren), this year’s programming is catered to meet your conference needs. We fundamentally believe that engagement is programming and that programming should be engaging. This year, we’re excited to spotlight engagement in a way never seen before at the Online Learning Consortium. Join us for a custom (and fun) journey; leave with new ideas, models, resources, and friends. 


Set to custom soundtracks for a multifaceted experience

Myers-Briggs was debunked. Personality tests make you feel boxed in anyway. And Buzzfeed quizzes only tell you which Golden Girl you would be. While it may be exciting to find out you’re a Blanche, it’s just not helpful when navigating a massive education conference.

At OLC Accelerate, there are so many ways to engage outside of the formal keynotes and sessions. That’s why we’ve created this guide to acquaint you with the activities that align with your goals and however you’re identifying at any given moment.

One minute you’re a noob and the next minute you’re a social butterfly. Get a an engagement map that can keep up with you.

Bonus: we’ve designed custom playlists for each Accelerate persona with songs that match up intentionally with each activity. Because this is your life and it deserves a soundtrack!

Explore the engagement tracks below and learn about what’s in store for engagement at this year’s OLC Accelerate Conference.


The Eternal Scholar

(Click on icon for engagement map)

You’re here to soak up everything  and take it with you. You can be found recording and sharing key takeaways with anyone who will listen.

The Social Butterfly

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It takes relationships and collaboration to make impactful innovation. You’re here to find deep connections and grow your projects and passions together.

The Noob

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“Hi, I’m new here,” you find yourself saying. A lot. Welcome! You’re ready to get the full sampler platter of OLC – A little of this, a little of that…

The Maker

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Your hands are moving at all times. Is that a doodle of a superhero? Did you just code something? Get creative at Accelerate!

The Escapist

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Of course you’re here for enlightenment but also: you need a break from your day job and/or family to be still, forget stress, and have fun. Ah, privilege!

The Competitor

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Game on! Did we just see a pack of playing cards fall out of your pocket? Do you like getting points for no reason? Play all day at Accelerate!


Not sure if a persona-based Engagement Track is for you? Check out OLC Accelerate 2022’s engagement programming by exploring each opportunity individually.