Designing Interactive Courses for an Immersive Learning Experience

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Brief Abstract

The existing video conferencing platforms are  temporary workaround solutions for online education. How do you create more immersive learning experiences?

Active learning promotes better recall and deeper understanding of material. Studies show that learning is way more effective through active engagement and “doing.”

We will uncover new and easy ways that you can better communicate, reflect, create, or put new learnings into practice.



Dr. Tieren Zhou is CEO and Chief Architect of Kloud, the interactive meeting and collaboration platform. Since 2010, Dr. Zhou has been developing Kloud’s LiveDoc technology that allows meetings to be conducted in unlimited resolution and high fidelity sound, without data streaming. Kloud is a plug-in solution that can be easily integrated with any business software or platform. For over 25 years, Dr. Zhou has been a leader in the DevOp's solutions industry, while delivering a full suite of the leading Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), IT services, and helpdesk tools. He founded SpecDD, a requirement-centric hybrid agile development methodology that promotes agile planning through requirement-based product roadmap planning delivered by quantifying each team member's job performance, which can be auto-calculated with six dimensions of data modeling via AI technology.

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Extended Abstract

Kloud is the world’s most advanced immersive learning platform that supports synchronous and asynchronous learning  by giving you the tools to thrive in both environments. Harness the power of adaptive learning and provide an effective, efficient, and customized approach to engage every student.  . 

With Kloud, you can easily create  beautiful courses with pre-recorded videos, webinar recordings, voice syncs, and more.   Tap into Kloud’s data analytics system to gather user insights that can help you prepare the most effective curriculum. 

Kloud provides:

A suite of communication and collaboration tools that enable virtual meetings/events to be as or even more productive and effective than in-person meetings • Kloud LiveDocs animate your presentations with voice and annotations • LiveDocs can be replayed • Seamlessly host graduations, online concerts, job fairs and conferences • revolutionary breakout room technology