The OLC Awards of Excellence are distributed at the spring and fall conferences. Applications should include:

  • A detailed description of the area of excellence that summarizes the practice(s), providing evidence of how the award criteria are met.
  • Supporting documentation of the practice(s) alignment to the award criteria. Evidence may include (but are not limited to) websites (URLs), screenshots, videos, assessment data, reports, testimonials.
  • Three (3) letters of support addressing how the awards submission aligns to the OLC Five Pillars of Quality. It is recommended that submission packets include letters from a mix of both internal and external senior leaders who can speak to the impact of the practice(s) highlighted in the submission.

We ask that submitters take note of the following awards submission requirements:

  • Self-nominations are permissible for all awards with the exception of the OLJ Research Award. Self-nominations will still require three letters of support to be considered as a complete application.
  • An individual cannot submit for more than one award per cycle (no more than two submissions per year). However, an institution can have more than one award submitted within a cycle. 
  • There may be more than one winner selected per area of excellence.
  • It is possible for no award to be given within an area of excellence should the submissions within that category not meet the minimum threshold score for awards.

We encourage you to review the Awards Scoring Criteria before submitting an award application, aligning the materials submitted to the criteria for review.

The OLC Scholarships are distributed at the spring and fall conferences. You can find detailed scholarship submission requirements and criteria on the Scholarship page.

Fellow recognition is an honor that an individual cannot seek. Rather, a nomination must be initiated by another OLC Fellow, an OLC Individual Member, or an OLC Institutional Member. Learn more about the OLC Fellows process.