Vol 24, Issue 2 (2020)

This issue of Online Learning is the first to be published during the ongoing pandemic, which has had substantial implications for the education sector. The significance of online learning has changed dramatically since the onset of COVID-19. Virtually every institution from primary schools through graduate schools in the US and around the world has moved instruction from classroom settings to remote/distance settings. It is important to note that institutions undertook this shift under extreme pressure with unrealistic timelines, frequently a matter of days or weeks. In many cases, the resultant coursework does not adhere to standards reflective of high quality online instructional design. 

Many institutions in the US have adopted terms such as “emergency remote instruction” to describe their current distance learning offerings.  While our timeline for reviewing rigorous studies would normally preclude publication of current research on the great migration to emergency remote instruction, we do include two papers relevant to the current crisis, including a national study of higher education’s response to the crisis. In this issue, we also have sections on student perspectives, faculty issues, K-12, literature review, and best practices in online education. 

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