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Omar Lopez
Omar S. Lopez, Ph.D., Associate Professor
“All life journeys have a beginning…the OLC Online Teaching Certificate Program is the first step toward mastery in online teaching and learning.”
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Jessie Hayden, ESL Instructor
“The OLC Advanced Online Teaching Certificate Program has positioned me as the “go to” person for developing new online course offerings”
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Florence Gilzene Cheese
Florence Gilzene Cheese, Instructional Development Coordinator
“OLC has a proven track record in training and development which is encapsulated in this certificate program. “
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Susan Steffan, Clinical Associate Professor & Chair
“The OLC Advanced Online Teaching Certificate Program is an excellent and cost-effective way to enhance your skills…”
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Michael J. Cennamo, Associate Director of Educational Technology
“I was able to come in with a pedagogical problem, think through that problem with a fantastic group of peers, get quality feedback…”
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Troy Pinkney, Director of Child Life Program
“Taking the OLC Advanced Online Teaching Certificate Program helped me to identify ways that I could enhance the online program I oversee…”
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Lesley Casarez, Program Advisor & Assistant Professor
“The Advanced Online Teaching Certificate Program is a great way to take a course that you have been teaching online and learn ways to…”
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Cynthia Williams, Assistant Professor
“The OLC Teaching Certificate Program is an experience that will help you integrate teaching and technology into the future of education. ”
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Ann Musgrove
Ann Musgrove, Ed.D., Assistant Professor
“I found the Online Teaching Certificate program learning experience to be transformational. This is exactly where I should be in my career and OLC…”
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Dr. Christina M. Celluzzi, Senior Manage
“The OLC Certificate Program introduced me to the ‘behind the scenes’ of online education course development. ”
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Dr. Dionne Curbeam, Director of Instructional Technology
“There is no question the OLC Online Teaching Certificate program has improved the quality of our programs…our faculty are now clamoring to enroll.”
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Neina Osibogun, Assistant Director
“This program allowed for me to become a change agent within my organization.”
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Teresa Hutchins, Associate Professor of Political Science
“The OLC Online Teaching Certificate Program is an experience that will help you take your online teaching to the next level.”
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April Potter, Adjunct Professor
“Working a full-time job limits the time I am able to spend with other professors. OLC provided me the ability to learn the latest and greatest…”
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Margaret Czart, Clinical Assistant Professor
“A faculty development and certification opportunity packed to expand and improve curriculum and program development, and online teaching to ensure it is personalized to faculty and program needs.”
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Courtney Hebert, Learning Experience Designer
“The Online Teaching Certificate Program provides participants a true opportunity to practice the research and ideas presented by the instructors and transfer the knowledge to our own unique environments”
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Flower Darby, Senior Instructional Designer
“This is the single best professional development opportunity I have had in my ID role.”
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Lorena Harris, Faculty & CSTEP Director
“The OLC ID Certificate program and OSCQR online course gave me the opportunity to learn, then to apply my learning experience ….”
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Laura Widenor
Laura Widenor, Course Quality Coordinator
“These {OLC} experiences have directly lead to my recent promotion and helped to expand the dedication of Kansas State Global Campus….”
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Melissa Baysingar, Instructional Design Specialist
“The OLC/SUNY Instructional Designer Certificate Program gave me hands-on experience with methods, tools, and technology….”
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Dr. Laura Overstreet, eLearning Faculty Coordinator
“The rich resources, quality of content, and engaging way the program is facilitated is certainly “top shelf.”
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Dr. Jeff Phillips, Clark Atlanta University
“The series provided an in-depth understanding of instructional design, learning modalities, and strategies for online and hybrid courses”
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Paul Wilson, Ph.D, Associate Professor
“This course exceeded my expectations in terms of material covered and the facilitator’s feedback. It provides fundamental as well as practical…”
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Aida E. Diaz, Professor
“The program demonstrated how I could create activities that would work online as well as in the blended classroom.”
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Arun Madapusi, Educator-Consultant
“The Blended Learning Mastery Series leverages theory and research, ties them effectively to practice, and opens up so many possibilities…”
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Matthew Vick, Interim Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
“The OLC Blended Learning Mastery Series helped me to grow in both scholarly and practical aspects of designing a blended experience that leverages…”
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Joan Esterline Lafuze, Professor of Biology
“I needed the OLC Mastery Series for guidance and support in design and teaching science labs online. The program provides a plethora of possibilities.”
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Shannon McGurk, Director of Distance Learning
“I didn’t know how much I didn’t know until I completed the OLC Online Science Labs Mastery Series Program. I feel more prepared to better serve students, which was my goal!”
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Natalie Zayas Delgado, Faculty
“The OLC Online Science Labs Mastery Series Program was engaging, inspiring, and helped me feel connected.”
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Paul Wilson, Associate Professor (Quality Scorecard Mastery)
“This Mastery series both confirmed the utility of the OLC Quality Scorecard and enabled participants to develop a 360-degree vision of their institution’s online program.”
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Georgianna Laws, Instructional Designer
“The OLC Quality Scorecard Mastery Series is simply the best way to learn about and experience implementing the OLC Quality Scorecard.”
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Sherri Restauri
Sherri Restauri, Director of Online Learning
“No other program addresses administrator-level needs in online learning like the OLC Leadership Mastery Series.”
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Trina L. Gipson-Jones, Assistant Professor
“Student learning and engagement will be enhanced by the knowledge we gained from the OLC Online Nursing Mastery Series.”
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Ouida Dowd, Lecturer, College of Nursing
“The OLC Nursing Mastery program gave me greater confidence to develop creative online best practices and to become an expert leader in online education.”
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Karen Brown, Associate Professor
“This program taught me best practices for online teaching via readings, videos, and role modeling by the faculty.”
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Georges Detiveaux, Assistant Director
“We’ve found the OLC Workshop Pass to be an indispensable way of managing faculty development for those interested in hybrid and online teaching.”
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Anita Sego, Assistant Professor
“The OLC ADA & Web Accessibility self-paced workshop was a great benefit for me as a course designer, a teacher, a parent, and a volunteer… “
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Heather Burke, English Faculty
“This OLC (ADA self-paced) workshop fulfilled the need for me to further develop an understanding of ADA regulations as they pertain to college courses in an online environment.”
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Cheryl Fulghum, Distance Learning Coordinator
“The OLC program was amazing! I could not have created that environment on my own.”An excellent introduction to the nuts and bolts of online teaching. I recommend this workshop 100%.”
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Torie Wynn
Torie Wynn, Instructional Designer
“Few programs (Accessibility series) focus on both individual and institutional accessibility implementation. I walked away from this program with practical knowledge…”
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K. Virginia Hemby, Professor
“One of the best series for faculty who don’t know what they don’t know about the ADA and accessibility—and that’s every faculty member presently teaching at any college or university”
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Brian Udermann, Director of Online Education
“The program is one of the best professional development experiences I’ve had in the twenty plus years I’ve been in higher education. Rock solid content and amazing faculty!”
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Dr. Carl Moore Assistant Chief Academic Officer
“The program totally shifted my paradigm and lead to a more gradual and calculated approach to building online programs at my institution.”
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Dr. Tony Farrell, Executive Dean
“IELOL has enhanced my career by allowing access to amazing faculty and colleagues from around the country.”
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Jill Langen
Jill Langen, PhD, President
“OLC is truly the leader helping leaders define quality in online learning. The true benefit of this…”
Baker Online Case Study
Baker College Exemplary
Debbie Thorne, Associate VP for Academic Affairs
“The OLC Quality Scorecard is grounded in research, best practices and expert opinion so I know the University isr…”
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Terry Di Paolo, PhD, Executive Dean of Online Instructional Services
“We (DCCCD) reframed how we talk about studying online. And we began a conversation about…”
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Cindy Adams, Manager, Distance Education
“After an initial examination of the OLC Quality Scorecard, I never looked at any other quality benchmarking programs. MTSU has been….”
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Mark Porcaro, Executive Director of Online Learning
“The Scorecard serves as a national baseline to show us how we benchmark against online learning best practices.”
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