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OLC’s team of consultants are  have developed, implemented and perfected online learning programs from every sector of higher and corporate learning, all around the world. Our consultants will partner with you to provide expert advice as you develop and assess your specific online programming needs.

Benchmarks Matter

Quality Scorecard Suite

Benchmarks matter.  How does your Online Learning Program measure up?  Identifying, measuring and quantifying elements of quality within an online education program is a common challenge amongst online learning practitioners.

As the leader in quality digital learning, OLC continues to find new ways to support higher education institutions who are seeking best practices for advancing quality. OLC offers a robust suite of Quality Scorecards to meet this growing demand which can be used to demonstrate elements of quality within the program, as well as an overall level of quality, to higher education accrediting bodies.


Expert Guidance

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OLC Consulting Solutions

Colleges, universities, educators and corporations looking to develop and improve their online learning programs will find that the OLC offers strategic yet practical advice and support. With each eLearning challenge we draw from a global community of distinguished faculty, administrators, and course designers with expertise across a wide range of academic sectors and disciplines. Collectively we’ll help you move your organization forward and solve your greatest online learning challenges.

Whether your institution is just starting out or expanding existing programs, the OLC can serve as a partner toward achieving your goals.